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How To Use Filters | How to Master Filters

Learn the basics of filters and how you can utilize them

What are filters

Filters provide you a different way to look at games. Are you interested only in deals from specific stores, or you want to see only bundles? To achieve this, use filters which are always located in the menu on the right side.

Your selection

Selected filters will appear above the content you are filtering as individual tags. In this area you can also further set up, save or remove filters.

How filters interact (with example)

Filters may interact with each other in various way. To better understand this concept, let's create simple filter: Select games that have deal on either Steam or GOG with at least 75% cut, and exclude all DLCs.

First, we will select Steam and GOG from the Shops category. You can notice that both of these filters will have icon selected by default. This means that we want one OR the other.

Now we will select price cut filter. By default, this filter will be added without any icon selected, which means that it is required. If you look at the results now, you will see all games that have at least 75% off deal on Steam or GOG.

Last filter we will add is DLC filter. Notice that it is also required, because it has neither nor selected. Thus, the results are now all DLCs that have at least 75% off deal on Steam or GOG, which is not quite what we want. All that is left to do is to select for the DLC filter, which will exclude all DLCs from the results.

And that's it. You can also see the results directly here.


Selecting complicated filters each time may become tedious very quickly. That's why you can save your favorite filter queries as a preset with custom name.

New presets will be added at the very top of the filter menu and they will work exactly as other filters. Moreover, you can mark one of your presets as default by clicking on icon, which will automatically apply it on your next visit.

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