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Our API is under heavy development right now. Foundations are laid down and we are working on API endpoints. By registering app you would like to make you would tell us what endpoints should we prioritize. To follow updates or discuss API, please check this issue in our issue tracker.

ITAD Collection Checker official

Released on 2015-07-15
Author: itadappsofficial
Direct Install URL

This GreaseMonkey script is currently intended to be an example for using our API and building your own apps. You are encouraged to fork it and build upon it.

As of now Collection Checker works only on GOG. For each game you have in your ITAD Collection you will see info on GOG game page.

For screenshots, more info, install instructions and download check GitHub repository.

ITAD Importer

Released on 2015-07-15
Author: ssokolow
GreasyFork Listing
GitHub Repository
Bug Tracker

A Greasemonkey userscript which add an "Export to ITAD" button to your collection and/or wishlist on over half a dozen different game vendors where no API or public URL is available for ITAD to access directly.

Tested on Firefox but shouldn't depend on any Greasemonkey-specific functionality and it has been reported to work on Chrome too.

Game Deals

Released on 2015-08-23
Author: daniel_kamkha
Game Deals for Chrome
Game Deals for Firefox
GitHub repository

A browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that displays ITAD deals when you visit various game store. For more details, visit the extension's page appropriate for your browser.


Released on 2015-09-10
Author: kraxarn


ITAD Steam Library Import official

Released on 2015-10-17
Author: itadappsofficial
Direct Install URL

This simple Greasemonkey script provides a way to import your full Steam library with all games, DLCs and packages to your Collection.

Released on 2016-06-16
Author: gamebundleofficial

We would like to pull some of the information you collect into our website. Examples are:

  • How many times a game has been bundled
  • If the game has trading cards
  • What the Steam user score is for the game
  • etc.

We would include this info in our site update we're looking to finish by the end of summer/early fall

Indo PVP

Released on 2016-10-20
Author: exorion

I'll be using your API in my gaming portal website

Alexa Game Deals

Released on 2016-11-26
Author: lordmoon
Amazon Echo App page

Lists recent game deals using the Amazon Echo. You may need to own an echo in order to access the app's page. By default it will list the 5 most recent, but just ask alexa for a different amount and it will tell you the requested amount of game deals. It tells you the game title, store its on sale on, the percentage off, and the final price. You can check the alexa app for the full list of games after asking alexa to list them if you are having a hard time hearing her tell you. :)


Released on 2017-01-01
Author: discord_bot

Discord Bot

Games Searcher

Released on 2017-03-02
Author: hckhanh

A search tool for gamers who love best prices

ITCM Price Helper

Released on 2017-03-27
Author: fowlox

ITCM Price Helper


Released on 2017-04-29
Author: steamnext

SteamNEXT - Better Steam Gaming | Steam Rankings, Deals, Steam Profile Finder and Stats


Released on 2017-04-05
Author: stendec

FrankerFaceZ is an extension for Twitch that adds many new features and a great deal of customization. Integration with ITAD allows FrankerFaceZ to show competitive prices on pages of Twitch offering games for sale.


Released on 2017-05-10
Author: mchack



Released on 2017-07-20
Author: theo0165

Links to steam games on command! (Reddit)


Released on 2017-08-07
Author: Horus

Is a telegram bot to find info about games


Released on 2017-09-14
Author: mellotanica
Telegram bot
GitHub repo

This bot will keep an eye for you on which games satisfy your discount needs throughout your wishlist and notify you each day about new deals right into Telegram. You can also run custom queries on current deals list.

cn test app

Released on 2017-09-12
Author: cn_sabbir

testing the API.

new test app 2

Released on 2017-09-12
Author: cn_sabbir

testing the API.


Released on 2017-11-10
Author: WalkingGuy

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