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Your Bundles

This is a Collection

Start building it now by linking your profiles or collecting deals

Organize your games

Move your games into groups and add custom tags or notes to keep your Collection tidy and organized.

Keep track of all your copies

Don't lose track of all those extra copies you've got from bundles anymore! Set a status, add a note, and if you need to be wary of your spendings, you can add prices too.

Connected with rest of ITAD, you will also see where the copy came from, if you bought a package or a bundle.

Be on top of your backlog

Do you play every game you buy? Beat it, even? Are you of a completionist nature?

Not only can you keep track of your successes, you can even keep track of how much time have you spent on the them.

Stay in sync

We know that adding new purchases may be a tedious work and that's why you can import a profile from some stores.

With sync enabled, all new games you buy or redeem there are added to your Collection automatically.

Share with others

Do you wanna boast with the size of your Collection? Or just show others what you have for trade? Set up how much you want to show them or keep your Collection private. is not responsible for the content displayed. Any information may be already outdated at the time of visit.
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