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Humble Bundle
Helpful to 2 of 5 peopleposted 2 months ago

banned from support for too many giftlinks purchased for friends andso falsely deemed a reseller/trader and refused a refund for an inaccessable key via faulty giftlink. Had to invoke Paypal consumer protection as a result. HB is great unless support has to replace a bad key, reset a bad giftlink, replace a region locked key that has no warning, or worse - get a refund. HB has become an unsafe hypocritical fraudulant grey site.

I gambled on 3 monthlies over the past year and lost, giftlinked it all away.

Helpful to 1 of 2 peopleposted 3 months ago

They never sent me all the games listed in the bundle and never responded to my emails about it.

Helpful to 1 of 2 peopleposted 3 months ago

They never sent me all the games listed in the bundle and never responded to my emails about it.

Helpful to 1 of 2 peopleposted 3 months ago

They never sent me all the games listed in the bundle and never responded to my emails about it.

Humble Bundle
Helpful to 2 of 2 peopleposted 4 months ago


Humble Bundle
Helpful to 7 of 7 peopleposted 12 months ago

Impressive. Sometimes you get a lot of good titles together with other awesome games you'd never buy. Moreover you support charity and that's great. Subscribe their newsletter and you will not miss a single bundle and the Humble Monthly.

3 months ago
Helpful to 3 of 4 peopleposted 12 months ago

They also run "OtakuBundle" and "GoGoBundle"

All the previous access to your accounts is non-existant (mine was created on April 2017); everything leads to a very customized or otherwise specifically hand-crafted "404-page".

Password and other recovery services aren't working at all either (as in no email is being sent even though the website says so).

(( I have yet to try sending a manual support-request-message. But given how they're pretty much ignoring "everything" in public, I am quite certain these will go completely ignored.))

Accounts are also non-existent on their "children"-pages, simply saying "email address not existing" when trying to recover your password.


Highly advised to be very careful when dealing with these guys.


Indie Gala
Helpful to 6 of 6 peopleposted 15 months ago

Been using it since 2012. Great bundles and great customer support.

Cubic Bundle
Helpful to 2 of 8 peopleposted 21 months ago

only stupid PR, only trash games.

Helpful to 8 of 8 peopleposted 22 months ago

Love em. On par with Indie Gala for me, and second only to Humble Bundle.

They have some of the best content, only their price is sometimes on the higher side.

17 months ago
DailyIndieGame Bundles
Helpful to 7 of 7 peopleposted 22 months ago

Great experience with them. The bundle are really cheap and they offer stuff that you don't see on bigger bundle sites.

This is also their problem though, they mostly sell stuff you wouldn't see on other places. There's a lot of shovelware in there, but it's not rare for me to score a game that was on my wishlist for really cheap.

Indie Gala
Helpful to 3 of 3 peopleposted 2 years ago

Have been using IndieGala happily since 2013 and will continue to do so, really good bundle site. They release about 3 bundles a week on average with a mix of indie titles. Pricing works out pretty good so that even if you have a game or two in a bundle you'll still come out on top paying for whatever tier the games you do want are in. I've even found some great buys in their key store, and as all keys are direct from the developers there aren't any worries about keys not working (except for one case, see below).

In reference to issues other users claim to have had sounds more like user error then site error, I've claimed over 20 GalaGiveaways and always gotten the keys right away and the one time I had a problem with a Steam key (the developer was dodgy and deactivated all the keys they had sent to every bundle site) the IndieGala staff replied in a good period of time and worked hard to get new keys from said developer (which they managed to get and distribute to customers)

Humble Bundle
Helpful to 6 of 6 peopleposted 2 years ago

Two bundles - great games - great value - instant delivery

One More Bundle
Helpful to 2 of 2 peopleposted 2 years ago

Paid the average for a bundle, was going to pay more but didn't since it was my first time on the site. Immediately, my bank showed a pending transaction - for about 150% what I agreed to pay for the bundle. That annoyed me, but since the amount was what I would have paid for the bundle if I had used the site before I decided to just let it slide. I waited for my keys. Usually with bundles, I receive my keys before they take payment but this site is different. Feels a little sketchy tbh. I waited over night and still no keys so I sent them an email. They didn't respond to me until a day later. They said I hadn't received keys because they hadn't received payment so I sent them a copy of my receipt. A few hours later, I got my keys! I checked my bank and they had taken around about what I chose to pay - slightly more because bundle sites never convert currencies right! At this point I decided not to use the site again. But then things got worse. The original transaction - the one for 150% - was still pending! It's been a week now, I was kinda hoping the charge would just drop off, and I'm concerned that they're going to continue taking money from my account! Hopefully I can sort this out with my bank and avoid having to go through more hassle with this site.


Helpful to 0 of 2 peopleposted 3 years ago

Some of their bundles can be pretty good, but prices vary.. it's your choice.

One thing that convinced me to write a review is their last change of design (as of 2015-10). Previously their "Account" page was a messy list of keys that you could entirely unfold and use ctrl+f to find a title/bundle. Now it's "nice" list of bundles you can click, but there is NO WAY of finding a title without clicking them one-by-one or referring to external website like IsThereAnyDeal. Of course you may also forget about checking which keys you already used.

In addition one thing where they excelled - main bundle pages also have been changes to more bland ones, without improving one tiny thing.. like literally tiniest YouTube previews ever.

There are some real gems on here! You just have to look for them. Some of the bundles are full of useless games you won't play, but others are great deals. All of their bundles are very affordable too. Most are only a couple dollars for 5 or 6 games. They normally have about 1 "headline" game that you actually buy the bundle for and then a few other games you might want. Some other bundles might just be a series of games, too. Overall a good site with nice low prices. Recommended.

Yes the prices are very good, but my God, the games are atrocious 90% of the time. Most games that seem to get offered on Groupees are games that either didn't make it through Steam's "Greenlight" process or are not yet greenlit. Every now and then they get a great deal, but most of their offerings are really out there titles that I wouldn't normally want in the first place. Also, a lot of times it's hard to tell the difference between what is a game you've never heard of and a music offering. I think they should make it very clear that the title is a music offering or a game offering.

Humble Bundle
Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 3 years ago

Humble Bundle USED to rate a 10... but not lately. This was the one that started it all for me. In the beginning Humble Bundle had the best bundles for the best price. In the last year or so (this is written in mid 2015) the quality of offerings have diminished ever since they added their own store front. Sadly a bundle place with it's own store front is not going to work well :(

Helpful to 2 of 2 peopleposted 3 years ago

My second favorite bundle site (after Bundlestars). PROS: - There is an active, friendly, fun community and chat channels for each bundle (and you can create your own channels). Often, Indie devs pop in to chat or giveaway keys.

  • Customer support is second to none; they are always available, and always helpful. Many just hang out to chat.
  • Super cheap pre-order prices (usually $1.25 for 8 games, plus bonuses, available 24 hours prior to launch)
  • Possibly the most supportive bundler for the Indie scene.
  • Multiple deals going at once
  • Fairly decent sorting options, CONS: - No way to gift digital music you'll never listen to.
  • Too much chat spam, with user "superpowers"
  • Does not keep track of used keys, leaving that up to the user to track (which has led to many poor trades).
  • MYSTERY GAMES. I hate, hate, HATE these, and they've put me off from actually buying certain types of Groupees bundles. If I've purchased a bundle, I expect to receive the content I've already PAID for at the time of purchase, NOT 7 days later!!!! Frustrating, to say the least.

This site would get a 9 from me, if they got rid of the Mystery games. If not receiving all your content at once doesn't bother you, then bump up my score. All in all, though, great site.

Absolutely terrible customer support, they screw people over and ignore their support tickets.

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