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Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 2 days ago

Positives: They deal in GBP prices and like to lower their cut to undercut their competition—this often results in the best international prices. They regularly prefer to have the best pre-order deal on higher-end games to ensure early sales. They have a surprisingly enthusiastic review system.

Neutral: Despite being a legitimate seller, they often do everything to look like a shady dark web seller, especially in terms of website design and navigation. They like to push their social gaming aspect in your face.

Negatives: They had a shaky past, especially when it came to keys they never had. Their "random key" sales are borderline scammy. The store layout is difficult to navigate without the extensive use of their search bar. Their support is helpful, but due to how they handle some of the business, they are also inept.

IndieGala Store
Helpful to 2 of 2 peopleposted 2 days ago

Positives: They have competitive international prices on a broad set of games, from small indie to AAA. They are among the few stores who sell DLCs individually instead of packs only. They support many payment options, including cryptocurrency.

Neutral: The website coding is dodgy. Searching is cumbersome (use ITAD to search IndieGala), the user interface is unintuitive. Payments can often return an error on the first few times. They host several services like forums, auctions, and giveaways, but they all feel like a cheap Chinese knock-off of more refined services (despite being an Italian site).

Negatives: Although they have a gifting system, it is borderline unusable and counter-productive. Their support has helpful yet often incompetent people who try to help but cannot. They host myriad shovelware that serves no purpose beyond clogging up the already confusing store page.

Humble Store
Helpful to 3 of 5 peopleposted 5 months ago (updated)

Positives: They are the only retailer for several Steam games outside Steam. Their wallet system earns you a trickle amount per purchase. They support charities, and you can select where the money goes. Their gifting system is probably the best on the market. They offer many DRM-free games, albeit not as much as GOG. They offer a small store discount if you subscribe to their monthly lootbox game bundle.

Negatives: Their support is atrocious. They like to act as if they fall only under US jurisdiction, and disregard international regulations. They often accuse users of being a grey market trader so they can find an excuse to ignore tickets. They never communicate when they make a (fundamental) change in their rules and regularly pretend that those changes have always existed. Their monthly bundle marketing strategies are pushy and aggressive.

5 months ago

Reminds me a great experience of World of Warcraft Arena Boost for my death knight on Always trying to make objective review and this time it was pretty good! Be sure in result and use right WoW Boost.

Bought multiple time no problem

Helpful to 0 of 1 peopleposted 5 days ago

Tried to buy the Fighterz Pass 2 on their site. First time I tried, the payment was accepted by my bank(saw it on the credit card app), but when I went to look for the key on 2game, it said "Your order is Contact Support"(written exactly like that). So I contacted support, and they said that my order had been put on hold by the "Fraud department", even though it was approved by my bank and I use this card for buying stuff online all the time. Then they refunded my order and didn't even ask for any info from me so I could prove that the card was mine. So I tried buying it again, but this time using paypal. Payment was approved again, but after a short while they just refunded it, without even asking me to contact support this time. Their "Fraud department" is a complete joke, and they are not very helpful in trying to actually solve the problem.

Epic Game Store
Helpful to 3 of 5 peopleposted 5 days ago

Bringing exclusive games to pc. Horrible for consumers. Don't expect any good deals.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 14 days ago

Used isthereanydeal discount to grab Risk of Rain 2, used paypal and all worked fine.

Pretty good sales, but my attempts to pay directly by card are always denied, forcing me to go through Paypal which is a little annoying. This wasn't a problem with them before their rebranding when they were Bundle Stars.


Never had any issues with payment or key retrieval. Their steam wishlist sync is pretty idiot proof.

GamesPlanet DE
Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 20 days ago

No problems at all. Quick answer from support. Keys worked instantly!

Helpful to 2 of 3 peopleposted 33 days ago

La plupart des soldes ne sont pas applicables en France

Humble Store
Helpful to 1 of 2 peopleposted 35 days ago

I've been using Humble Bundle for 3+ years, and have only had to contact their support once, for an issue that was on my end. This is the only key provider that I trust 100%.

IndieGala Store
Helpful to 2 of 3 peopleposted 35 days ago

Made a purchase a while ago, went to redeem the key today and it was a duplicate. When I emailed their support, they said they do not guarantee the validity of keys from bundles purchased more than 60 days ago, and therefore will not give me a valid key for a game that I paid for. This is what I call a scam. I do not recommend anybody use IndieGala because they do not guarantee that you will receive the item you are paying for.

Razer Game Store
We no longer cover this store

Nope ! Even their support is less than 0.

It's a good thing you don't cover their store anymore.

Nothing but positive experiences. Made quite some purchases, never needed support.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 38 days ago

All purchases went well to this point. But they don't have a lot of good deals. Usually buying through Humble Bundle (etc) gets much better deals. But that's what this site is for anyway. Tip: Use the Augmented plugin and never miss out on a deal. It works really well (at least in my experience)

No problems so far. Made several purchases, even used the 20% discount for 100 U-points (or whatever they call it). Instant access to the game.

Helpful to 4 of 4 peopleposted 41 days ago (updated)

Let you go through the payment to THEN tell you, no keys available at the moment. Don't buy there, unless you want to pay now for something you may receive God knows when (if I ever receive a key). Edit: They did agree on a refund and I got my money back.

I admit I was a bit worried about purchasing at IndieGala. The website does look a bit shady, and the reviews are not very positive. But for me personal, everything went very smooth. No need for support (so far).

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