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They occasionally have good sales but you have to be checking often to catch them. Some of the best franchises are only available through their store , so it pays to use the waitlist to get sale notification.

the steam key for the Remember Me PC I purchased from them activated fine and I'd buy from them again.


I'm only made 1 purchase from them att. It went very smoothly and the Steam key I purchased activated without any problems.

Steam is a reliable online store for games, though their prices are not always the best. I recommend always checking steam key resellers before making a purchase from Steam directly. I've had a great experience with them overall.


I avoid it unless they have a realllly good deal because it can go well or it can go wrong and they don't want to help you make it right

Epic Game Store

Horrible Interface Doesn't have reviews and other things we got used to from GOG and Steam Quantic Dreams games Free weekly game (for now)

If they fix the interface I might give a thumbs up

Good prices and 10% off to monthly subs Most big games are here and prices are ok

Never had a problem and great prices

this is my first time buying games on this site,they should put platform on the front page. i bought it wrongly,thought it was steam version/

Pre-ordered the Urban warfare battletech DLC and never got my key, sent two emails to their support email with no response over multiple days then sent two messages through paypal with again no response and had to make a claim on paypal to get my money back. Seriously don't use this site.

Epic Game Store
Helpful to 6 of 6 peopleposted 7 days ago

Anti-gamer bullshit, knowing we wouldn't buy from them without bribing publishers to have exclusivity

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 14 days ago

Poor store! Will take your money and hold your game key for "manual review" for a long time, if they ever actually get around to releasing it at all! Ridiculous! Don't use them, it's not worth saving a couple bucks.

Helpful to 4 of 4 peopleposted 19 days ago

As mentioned by others, prepare to be asked for a mobile number for verification AFTER payment. I purchased Nier Automata during a sale. After reluctantly handing over my details and jumping through two different security verification systems (email and phone number) I received my key. Upon attempting to redeem the key, Steam rejected it as an invalid code. This was quickly resolved (less than 10 minutes) by contacting support who sent a new valid code straight away. Not the smoothest exchange, but I guess I ended up getting what I paid for.

Epic Game Store
Helpful to 13 of 17 peopleposted 19 days ago

If cancer could start a storefront, this would be it.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 20 days ago

Received a key for a different region. I initially thought it was an accidental oversight and no big deal as previous purchases had been problem-free, but GreenManGaming refused to provide a working key or offer a refund. Their customer support was unexpectedly rude and downright hostile right from the start. The way this was handled was thoroughly unprofessional and left me feeling scammed. Have not purchased anything from there since.

Epic Game Store
Helpful to 12 of 12 peopleposted 25 days ago

I kept getting emails from Epic saying that my account was locked for a couple of hours due to entering the wrong password multiple times. Except I didn't try to login to my account and I had 2FA activated so I wasn't concerned initially.

Until my email inbox started filling up with notifications that my account was locked every few hours. So I wrote in to the support team for help - informing them that someone was trying to access to my account and was locking me out.

After a week, I sent them another email asking for help again. Still nothing, so I send them another email 2 weeks later, saying that if they still refuse to reply, I will just boycott their store and advise my family and friends to do the same.

They replied... 2 months later, advising me to change my password. Change. My. Password. I can't even login to my account!!!

I'm done with them. The worst part is the only game I got from them was bloody Fortnite... and I paid a hundred bucks to support it in its early phase. This was way before it became the monstrosity that it is today.

I was a fool and it shames me that I paid good money for that garbage.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 26 days ago

Stay away from these idiots and their "Fraud department". They are a joke.

Epic Game Store
Helpful to 27 of 30 peopleposted 31 days ago

Anti-consumer. Buying supply exclusivity is anti-competitive by definition

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 31 days ago

Good place to buy digital game. In currecy THB, Base price is cheaper than other site.

Epic Game Store
Helpful to 21 of 24 peopleposted 35 days ago

Has always on DRM/ No offline mode.

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