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Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 7 days ago

They advertise good sale prices, but whenever you add it to your cart it's full price again. I tried to message them through their support system but when you click send it says "spam protection failed" and wipes your message even though nothing pops up on screen to pass.

IndieGala Store

The store front is pretty terrible, with uninteresting deals, poor payment options and an overall horrible interface. The site seems to have started a recent policy of price spamming isthereanydeal, which earns it an ignore in my settings, and this negative review. Store owners: please don't behave like kids.
Helpful to 7 of 10 peopleposted 12 days ago has no verification process for sellers, so scammers have started selling straight up torrent rips of popular indie games with big "discounts" there. In the past week this has happened with Stardew Valley, Rimworld, Underale, Factorio and probably more. seems unwilling or unable to combat these scams at this point.

Bundle Stars

I bought more than 10 games and bundles, I pay using Paypal and never had any issue. Bundles with very low prices are often full of low quality titles (always read Steam reviews and you'll see what I mean) but sometimes you can find some gem such as in the Talisman Bundle. Every now and then, Bundle Stars sell special bundles where you can choose the titles you want to buy (Lego franchise for example) so you can get what you want without having duplicates in your games library. Check often Bundle Stars website, you won't be disappointed.


I bought two games from them (Fahrenheit and Watch Dogs) and I didn't have any problem. I paid using paypal linked to a Visa credit card, no issues at all, Steam keys arrived soon after the processing finished and activated immediately. Maybe I'm just lucky. :)

Helpful to 2 of 3 peopleposted 17 days ago (updated)

On page has no info about OUT of STOCK game which is sell. I buy and i must wait for digital key on steam.

Helpful to 0 of 3 peopleposted 18 days ago
Helpful to 0 of 3 peopleposted 19 days ago
Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 38 days ago

Ok so I found out that is NOT the same as .COM. At least so it looks like. has bad reviews, .com does not. So Fallout4 was on sale at and I bought it.

PERFECT! Activates in Steam like they said, account making was quick and payment was swift and safe.

Great shop!

Helpful to 3 of 3 peopleposted 46 days ago

Pretty good, I got Dark Souls 3 from there and I received the key right after I finished the payment process ( which might I add is also nice, the process was quick and simple). Would buy there again.

After putting in more personal information than other stores they denied my purchase. A reason wasn't stated, but a large list of possible reasons was. That was my first and last purchase with them.

Helpful to 0 of 3 peopleposted 2 months ago

Had no issues with them until someone hacked my account, using my store credit to purchase a game. GG refused to return the credit, claiming I was at fault. Will never buy from again.

Helpful to 1 of 3 peopleposted 2 months ago

I'm concerned this website is a scam. I tried to buy Dark Souls 3 on sale and they rejected the payment and locked the account, claiming they were barring access to current games and deactivating serial numbers. They tried to hold my account hostage and demanded photo ID but I hadn't even bought anything yet. Basically you should probably shop elsewhere.

2 months ago

Bought xcom 2 and it worked fine.

Helpful to 4 of 5 peopleposted 2 months ago

Can't go wrong with Blizzard on getting your purchase.

Helpful to 2 of 3 peopleposted 3 months ago

Bought a Game, stuck on "processing" after paying. If you take my money i expect a key now and not sometime later.

When you get a Steam account and buy all kinds of games, you not only build up a giant collection but also make your account a "hub" of the games you play, so you don't have to find each single game CD/DVD/etc to install. All you have to do is to find the game in your library, download, and play. It saves space both physically and digitally, as you don't have to keep the box or disc or the digital installation files--Steam's server keeps them for you. Should you need to switch PC, you just get Steam on the other computer, login to your account and download the games, although you can only play games on one computer at a time.

Steam also offers great community features, allows you to have friends to play together or share your gaming experiences. You can always show off your latest game screenshots to the public, or ask in the forums about any technical issues or difficulties you encounter in game.

As the world's largest gaming platform and digital game store, Steam offers a huge categories of games from the hottest AAA ones to lesser known indie games. While you can find top quality games based on its recommendation, it is not uncommon that you come across those cheaply-made shovelware from shady developers. In the latter case you may feel cheated because the games you bought with your money are not what you would expect, when the developer buys some pre-made assets and puts little to no efforts before releasing their game. The user review system has been constantly abused by such developers in an attempt to raise their review score when it's not supposed to be "positive", though Valve also knows about this situation and boots away these review-manipulating developers as well as making some changes to their user review system. Still, it doesn't prevent bad games from popping up every day.

Steam store offers a variety of payment methods based on your country, which is good because it generally makes it easier for you to make a purchase with your local payment account. You can either load funds into your Steam Wallet and then buy the games, or select your bank card during checkout. On the other hand, they control potential fraud activities very tightly, so you can get temporarily blocked from buying anything for several hours if you attempt purchases too frequently. This can be a pain because you might miss some promotions after you "buy this, buy that" and want to buy something more later on. In some cases your account can get limited from large purchases until you contact Steam support, which can take some time before getting into your ticket.

GreenMan Gaming
Helpful to 3 of 6 peopleposted 4 months ago
We no longer cover this store

Very shady business, claims to offer pre-order keys, but they do not come with standard pre-order bonuses, and often, are not even available on release day. Will not do business with them again.

Helpful to 5 of 7 peopleposted 4 months ago

I just want to say that it's not possible to pay with PayPal in this store. I didn't buy there because of that.

We no longer cover this store

Horrible store got even worse, apparently selling all the infos it gathered to another site. Hurray for European law forcing them to notice you and allowing you (hopefully) to delete their records - if they stick to their words.

Helpful to 4 of 5 peopleposted 4 months ago

No DRM, nice community and I like the regional pricing. GOG galaxy need more work.

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