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Purchase fast and without any trouble, received the key immediatly and activated it without any Problems.

Helpful to 2 of 2 peopleposted 14 days ago

Just got Gal Gun Double Peace with a 5% coupon, after registering and buying the game the key showed up, and it worked! Very fast, but maybe its because its not a demanding game... but it still worked! Good job!

Helpful to 0 of 4 peopleposted 19 days ago

Couldn't buy without PayPal account. No thanks.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 21 days ago

This review is in portuguese. Uma ótima loja, às vezes tem descontos bem bons e melhores que a Steam. O bom também é que dá pra pagar com boleto, e transação cai rápido.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 26 days ago

Crazy low deals to be found and not a single problem.

Very good site. Advantages:

  • Nice design
  • Offers can be sorted by highest discount.
  • You can get experience points by purchasing, rating, reviewing, completing achievements etc.
  • You can also level up. This way you can get even more offers. It makes a good feeling (maybe i am too much of an rpg player).
  • Through the above mentioned activities you can earn "blue coins". You can buy games with these coins.
Helpful to 3 of 9 peopleposted 40 days ago

Their refund policy is a giant piece of turd. They will talk to you to fix technical problems with the game as long as possible in hope that you give up. A "no questions asked" refund seems not possible, even when you try to refund 10 minutes after you purchased it.

Since their GoG Connect feature, I only use it as a backup library and I am pretty sure that their DRM-free mindset hurts devs, someone might throw the first stone who didn't give the installer of a game to someone else.

Overall not recommendable.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 40 days ago

Ex - BundleStars with a new name that was not fitting anymore since they are now a normal store and bundles are no longer their main pitch. They run regular sales and the bundles are still in relative good curation and you can find a gem here and there for cheaper.

Since I've used them for a long time, I've also run into issues with payments because their backend was overloaded but everthing was resolved in a timely acceptable manner and on one bundle they pushed out the wrong regional keys but email'd the correct ones out without even being asked.

Overall a positive experience and good support.

Payment options are a bit limited with CCs and PayPal but the deals are for the most part fair for both sides and their curation aims for higher quality games. If you are a regular visitor you can take advantage of their coin shop and get games for free. Overall a very positive experience.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 52 days ago

Great sales. No fuss.

Humble Store
Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 52 days ago

Absolutely amazing bundles. Monthly has been really great too.

Helpful to 8 of 10 peopleposted 3 months ago (updated)

Purchase via Credit Card went smoothly. I had the key within 10 seconds.

When you use Paypal, you need to make sure that the primary Paypal email address matches with the Voidu account. If this isn't the case, the purchase gets refunded within 1-3 days after contacting support. Contact with support was great: They were friendly and fast.

Voidu does warn about this Paypal limitation multiple times during the whole checkout procedure, so it's almost impossible to miss, but it's not 100% clear that secondary Paypal email-addresses are not supported.

The regional pricing in South Asia is usually very cheap (90% of the time).

Interesting approach, by having a single deal on a diffent game every day. Okay prices most of the time, sometimes pretty good. Their "Coin Shop" system is a really nice idea.

Can't say much about the store itself, except that they give away some pretty good games sometimes. The Humble Bundle section takes the cake by offering some legendary deals every now and then. Only minor annoyance is that when a bundle includes a game your connected Steam account already owns, they give you a "gift link" for that game instead of the key.

One of the best key resellers. Great prices that rival even Steam's own deals at times. Simple and flawless service so far. Just pay attention when buying Ubisoft titles. There are plenty of sweet deals, but they usually activate on uPlay, which you might not like.

Goes without saying. Pretty good at providing the basic store, client and multiplayer services. Some things could be said about some other pratices of theirs, but that's not reallly relevant here.

IndieGala Store

The site and some deals may be a bit confusing at times, but they mostly do a very fine job. Only ever had one minor problem (got a different "get X for free with purchases over $Y" deal than what was advertised), but they were quick and generous at solving it.

Helpful to 1 of 1 peopleposted 2 months ago

Amazing service. The DRM-free focus and the fact that you're not forced to use their client app really says something (even though their app is pretty good too).

Pretty good. They've got nice bundles and prices. Never had a single problem with them, and I've been buying with them ever since they were called BundleStars.

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